Season 1 Is The First Season Of The Winx Club. It's Starts With The Episode: It Feels Like Magic. It Might Be Renamed Differently In Other Versions. Season 1 is basically all made on Bloom being found by Stella and taken to alfea where she meets The Trix and The Oger Knut Again

Episode: It Feels Like MagicEdit

You Might Not See Many Scenes In This!! So Please Add Then If You Wanna Thanks!

The scene starts with Bloom sleeping and her adoptive mother Vanessa trying to wake her up. Vanessa says: You're Late. Bloom Then Says: School! Oh Mum Why Didn't You Wake Me Up Before??!!! Bloom is then rushing around her room wearing her clothes and then Bloom Says: The Alarm Didn't Go On Coz I'm On Vacation! Then They Go Downstairs And She Goes To The Park. Then. She Sees Stella Fighting (Kiko Running To Bloom Scene Has Been Skipped) An Oger Called Knut. she then saves stella takes her home because stella falls down in the park.

  • The Troll Being Captured By The [Specialists]