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Princess Roxy

Roxy Believix

Power Abilities
Anything related to animals
Klaus father Former Queen Morgana
Current Transformation
First seen
Winx Club Season 4 episode 2 "The Last Fairy on Earth"

Roxy is the Fairy of Animals. She is the last fairy on earth. Her mother is Morgana, Queen of the Earth Fairies meaning Roxy is the princess after her mother. Her father's name is Klaus. She works at the Frutti Music Bar. She is the newest fairy in Winx Club. She lives in Gardenia just like Bloom, which makes them all the same. Roxy's story ss similar to Bloom's.

Roxy's PersonalityEdit

Roxy Is a really loving and caring friend specially to animals. Roxy's got pink hair unlike her mother morgana.

First AppeareanceEdit

Her First Appeareance Was In Season 4. When she didn't agree she was a fairy and got rather angry indeed.

Roxy's GalleryEdit